Brandy Vintage 1997 Aged 23 Years

Brandy comes from the distillation of wine which, at each harvest, always has different characteristics due to the different climatic conditions of that vintage. The idea of ​​Brandy Millesimato therefore arises from the desire to bottle a product that shows the characteristics of that particular vintage. The wines used were distilled with the discontinuous method with the Charentais alembic which retains all the best characteristics. The brandies thus obtained were then aged in small 350-liter barrels of French oak from the Limousin forests. In the first year of aging, new barrels are used which give the distillate color and tannins. Subsequently, the brandy is decanted into so-called exhausted barrels which are used almost exclusively for the oxidation process of tannins and alcohol. During the aging period, the alcohol content is slowly reduced, by adding distilled water, to the consumption level which, for this brandy, is 45% vol.


edited by Paolo Lauciani

Tasting Notes

It has a bright amber color with a subtle gold-green nail. It expresses an olfactory bouquet rich in hints of beeswax, dried iris, licorice, mint and vanilla, marked by refined hints of wood paneling. In the mouth it is elegantly spicy, velvety and enveloping; the long retro olfactory progression lights up with returns of Jamaica pepper, vanilla and licorice stick.

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