Full Proof Millesimati (Vintage) Brandies 1989 – 19 Years

Villa Zarri chooses a particular year to create its Full Proof Brandy collection, in this case, 1989. Brandies from the same year contained in two single small barrels are produced, the first aged for 19 years (bottled in 2009) and the second aged for 28 years (bottled in 2018). The label shows the vintage, that is, the year of the harvest and distillation, and the years of maturation, highlighting the alcoholic strength of the final product. Derived from Trebbiano Romagnolo wine, which always displays different characteristics at each harvest, caused by the differing climatic conditions of that year, Villa Zarri Full Proof Brandy is made from single distillates of the same batch of wine. It is initially aged in small new oaken barrels, then it is decanted into the so-called “used” casks, which are almost exclusively used to aid the tannin and alcohol oxidation process. Once the desired ageing period has expired, the Full Proof Brandy is ready to be bottled, without adding any distilled water, which would lower its alcoholic strength. The result is a pure product, totally natural, stamped with a strong identity. On account of its high alcoholic strength, between 56 and 59 degrees, in order to taste it optimally, it is advisable to firstly prepare one’s palate and throat by sipping a few drops of brandy and spreading it on the palate with the tongue. Once the senses of the whole mouth have been stimulated, the real tasting starts, with little sips, whilst always keeping a glass of water to hand in order to heighten its aromas. Ideal for people who enjoy bold and distinctive tastes, Villa Zarri Full Proof Vintage Brandies are the perfect accompaniment for simple foods, such as intense plain chocolate with high cacao content, dried fruits, dates, blue cheeses and smoked meats, or they may be savoured with a good cigar.


by Paolo Lauciani (AIS – Roma Bibenda)

Tasting Notes

Millesimato 1989 based on Trebbiano Romagnolo wine – 19 YEARS – 59.2% – Bright amber colour. Distinct aromas of roasted coffee, noble wood and beeswax hit the nose, rounded off with a delicate blend of dried figs, crème brulée and eucalyptus, which melts into a subtle liquorice note. Taste: its strength and character immediately win over the palate, in an overwhelming, delectable spiral of lingering spicy, balsamic flavours.

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