Brandy Millesimato 2002 14 Years Aged in Marsala Florio barriques

This Brandy Millesimato 2002 was obtained through the distillation, with the discontinuous method with Alambicco Charentais, of a Trebbiano Romagnolo wine from the 2002 harvest coming from the Romagna hills. The Brandy was then aged for 13 years in a 350 liter French oak barrel from the Limousin forest. The fourteenth year of its aging was spent in a 300 liter oak barrel that had previously contained a 1998 Marsala Florio Vergine. The barrel, still impregnated with this precious Marsala, gave our Brandy some wonderful characteristic aromas that enriched even more its aromatic outfit.


curated by Paolo Lauciani (Italian Sommelier Foundation - Bibenda)

Tasting Notes

Color: amber flashes with mahogany reflections.

Nose: on the nose the delicate toasting of oak wood, embellished with accents of licorice and dried fruit, preludes an intense aromatic identity of iris, cocoa powder, dried sage, nutmeg, a hint of Jamaica pepper and balsamic puffs .

Mouth: wraps the mouth in a warm, slightly spicy and well-cohesive embrace, softly compelling, to enhance the dense aromatic heritage, embellished with a long trail of cocoa and mint.

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