Millesimato Brandy 1998 Aged – 18 Years With Selected Tuscan Tobacco

Already the jewel in the crown of Villa Zarri production, this Vintage Brandy 1998, aged for18 years, offers added value. The base is a Brandy of a single year,
1998: choice Trebbiano Romagnolo wine is the raw material, distilled using the discontinuous method and by means of a Charentais copper alembic; the passing of years in small French oak barrels and the magic microclimate in which the maturation takes place all go to make this brandy an exceptional product. A selection of Kentucky tobacco, grown in Tuscany, is then added, by means of infusion, to this Brandy, which is already of superior quality. The result is an exciting new product, a refined companion to the ritual of slow smoking: cigar smoking. Not just a brandy, but a “cigar to drink”, or rather “drinking tobacco”, as tobacco
consumption used to be described in the sixteenth century.

WARNING: this Brandy contains nicotine, and should therefore be drunk in moderation.


by Paolo Lauciani (AIS Roma - Bibenda)

Tasting Notes

Extremely bright amber appearance. Bold aroma spiral of leather, goudron, chestnut honey, raisins, black pepper and tobacco leaf. The taste is elegantly warm and spicy, slightly tannic, enveloping the palate and the exhilarating finish is marked by clear notes of liquorice wood.

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