Brandy And Coffee Liqueur

Villa Zarri Brandy and Coffee liqueur is a new product, which reveals an unusual combination of flavours. This liqueur is obtained by means of infusion with a top quality coffee brand coming from India, an Arabic one and a very-low acidity one called “Plantation A” into Trebbiano wine Brandy, aged for six years in French oaken barrels. Infusion lasts for very few days, during which ground coffee passes on flavours and aromas to the brandy. At the end, having added some water, in order to bring the alcoholic strength to the required figure (40°) and some sugar, in order to soften the bitterness of coffee, the infusion is filtered and allowed to rest for at least one year before bottling it. The result is a product which harmonically combines the chocolate aromas of the extraordinary coffee used and the scents of aged Villa Zarri wine distillate.


by Paolo Lauciani (Italian Sommelier Foundation - Bibenda)

Tasting Notes

As soon as it is poured into a glass, it expresses an enveloping feeling and great personality. It has a dark mahogany colour; in order to assess its transparency, it was necessary to cast some light on it: only then does it show bright cinnamon-colour shades. Its scent is striking due to its excellent refinement and complexity. Toasting is well- defined and the aromatic sensations of coffee fully exert their seduction. Its description is completed by the “sweet” sensations of soft toffee and coconut milk. When it is tasted, what had already been sensed by means of olfaction is finally experienced… sensations are mitigated and magnified by a certain discreet and charming sweetness, the end is based on a sweet/bitter marriage which makes you feel like tasting it.

Suggestions: To be savoured at the end of a meal as a digestif, at room temperature, or cold in summer, with some ice cubes.

Matches: Excellent with 70% plain chocolate; traditionally, but always pleasantly, with ice cream.

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